Friday, October 17, 2008

announcements 10-16


We had a lot of announcements last night so I wanted to hash them out.

1. Thursday, Oct. 30 is a social/fall festival/fellowship night with the other young married small group. We'll meet at the usual place and time. We'll have pizza and soda ($10 per couple) so let us know if you plan on coming and pizza/soda preference. We also have an array of games to choose from - so come prepared to partay!

2. We are looking for a fall/winter service project. If anyone has any ideas, please share. In the meanwhile, I've contacted several organizations to see if they need volunteers and will keep everyone posted. And, Sam is looking into a canned food drive through an elementary school.

3. Our Christmas party will be on Saturday, Dec. 13 at said place. We will have more to come as it gets closer. But, mark your calendars. It will probably start around 4 or 5 with Hors d'Oeuvres and white elephant to start at 6pm.

4. Starting in the new year we will start incorporating regular service projects. We'll pick a week once a month to serve in some manner. It can be with a group, your spouse or by yourself. Some ideas are to serve through your community, church ministries, habitat for humanity, hospitals, schools, etc. Start thinking of ideas so we can put together a list for everyone. And try to come up with other ideas for "serving."

5. This is our blog. It's up to the group to keep it running. So once a week, or when we meet, a member of the group will update the blog.

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